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Congratulations Bailey Zemlak for your outstanding 2007 Mule Deer.
Thank you Bailey for using NEAR Mfg scope mounts.

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The ORIGINAL Forward Slope Scope Base

The Ultimate Precision Scope Mount

Superior Design, Materials and Craftsmanship
Crafted by Professionals for Professionals - Since 1992

"Your Alphamount is truly a piece of art! I mounted my Z5 and went to the range.   
The 10 MOA mount you recommended was exactly what I needed to sight in at 100
and dial out to 1000+ Meters. Thank you very much for your great customer
service and your awesome craftsmanship in the Alphamount."

Todd Kelly

Alpha Hunter Mounts on Safari

SS .378 #7

Just wanted to say what a scope mount, the thing really is fantastic! I work with a small
group of machinists and all were extremely impressed. Expensive but worth every penny.
I was apprehensive, but after I mounted it and shot the rifle I was thrilled.  
I would strongly recommend your products to anyone who is serious about precision shooting.
Thanks for the great product.

Near Mfg. Alpha Hunter mounts in 1", 30MM and 34MM Black or Bright

30MM LOW Alphamount rings on 30MOA NEAR base.

30MM & 34MM SS Scope Rings

Near Mfg Black Nitrided Stainless Steel Base on MKV Weatherby

Available only from Near MFG 1-866-608-2441

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